L.E.D. Technology

L.E.D. Technology that's available in the market today, comes in almost infinite forms and styles. Finding the best style and form specific to your applications can increase your efficiency; meanwhile, reducing cost and maintenance.


L.E.D.'s (light emitting diode) are solid state electronic devices. There are two basic forms common in the market today. The Surface Mounted Diode, (S.M.D.) and the Direct In-line Package, (D.I.P.). The D.I.P. is what we are more familiar with as they were invented many decades earlier, and can be found in general use as indicator lights. The S.M.D. emerged in 2001 and in 2007 SMD based LED lights began to replace general lighting. 


Unlike D.I.P., S.M.D.  have:

  • A vast range of color temperatures (warm white, cool white,natural white, etc..)
  • They cover the entire spectrum of color hues, tones and intensities.
  • They have the highest C.R.I (color rendering index or clarity) in the world

In general LED's offer the most benefits, from efficiency,aesthetics,lack of maintenance and longevity to of course impacting the bottom line.



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